Astrology and Ayurveda

Yukti vyapāśraya (logical treatment approach) is the prime tool of a Vaidya. When the cikitsa applied according to proper yukti fails to produce results, the vedic tradition attributes the same to pūrvāparādha or karma (adverse reactions to previous inappropriate actions).
At this time there is the need for someone to intervene in order to remove the obstruction in making the yukti work. This is where the application of jyotish comes into the arena of therapeutic application. Once the karma is identified, there are two ways to deal with it – 1. Wait for the karma to undergo pāka (digestion) on its own or 2. Perform the necessary prāyaścitta (atonement) to clear the karma which is done by a priest who knows the rituals.
After this the patient has to return to the Vaidya to continue the yukti vyapāśraya cikitsa which will be effective. Yukti is what causes the balancing of doṣa, dhātu etc and the others are meant to remove the obstacles that prevent the working of yukti.
Similarly sattva-va-jaya cikitsa (psychological techniques) encompasses techniques to be employed when the mind becomes excessively negative and blocked, being covered by rajas and tamas. This begins to affect the body also.
In that case, dhī (intellectual insight), dhairya (patience) and ātmādi vijñānam (spiritual insight) are to be employed by the Vaidya in conjunction with yukti. Otherwise yukti will not work due to blocks in the srotas (channels) caused by the manoduṣṭi (aberrations of the mental pathways or negative thought processes).

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