At Purnarogya Holistic Health Care, we believe in providing you the most authentic, pure and effective treatments. Medicines are prepared according to the specific needs of each individual client in a customized manner. This ensures the effectiveness of the treatments. This was the way Ayurveda was traditionally practiced in the early days. Ayurvedic treatments are not generalized and this is one of the hallmarks of this health science. Over the period of time, due to the influence of a “one size fits all” style of thinking, this wonderful system was corrupted and generalized standardization infiltrated the Ayurvedic clinical practice. At Purnarogya, we are traversing the path backwards to the original system of Ayurvedic health care which respects the uniqueness of each individual.

Package deals:

If you are coming here for a specific illness, it is not possible to exactly predict which treatments you will need for what duration. This will be determined after a detailed consultation with the doctor after your arrival. Those who are coming from other countries or far away can book a consultation over skype. Purnarogya will charge you only for the treatments you need. We will not recommend any treatment that is not necessary. So we will start the treatment and depending on how your body responds to the treatment (which varies from person to person), we will chart the subsequent treatments. In certain cases, treatments can vary on a day to day basis. The minimum number of days required for any treatment protocol is 21. We request your cooperation because our main concern is in giving you the optimum results. This is why we do not encourage package deals at Purnarogya for patients.

If you are coming on a holiday, do not have any illness, and want to have some rejuvenation therapies, we can work out a package according to the time you will spend here. Please call us to discuss the same.

Authentic medicines

Many of the medicines are made in house and given to the clients. This makes sure that all the ingredients are present, fresh, potent and there are no artificial preservatives or colors. The full range of traditional Ayurvedic therapies including Panchakarma are available for clients at our center.

Additional treatments

In addition to Ayurvedic treatments, we also incorporate Therapeutic Yoga, Meditation, Vedic Medical Astrology, Spiritual therapies and Traditional Chinese Acupuncture on an as required basis. Different kinds of Acupuncture like body acupuncture, hand and foot acupuncture (Sujok), ear acupuncture, scalp acupuncture, electroacupuncture, cupping therapy are utilized as appropriate.


A town called Pulpally located in the District of Wayanad in the State of Kerala in India.


How to get there:

By air:

Calicut (Kozhikode) International Airport. One can hire a prepaid taxi from inside the Airport. You can ask for either an air-conditioned or non-air conditioned car. Depending on the amount of luggage you can also ask for a small or big car. The distance from the airport to the center is 120 kms (74.5 miles). We can arrange a taxi for you on request and the charges are 4000 INR.

Bangalore International Airport. After landing here, take a bus or taxi to Bangalore Central Bus Station. From there you can get a bus to Sulthan Bathery (250 kms away, 5 hours travel). From Sultan Bathery you can get a bus, taxi or auto rickshaw to Pulpally (23 kms away, 40 minutes travel). Another option is to hire a taxi to drop you at Pulpally from Bangalore Airport which will take about 6 hours.

Mysore Domestic Airport – Not operational now

By rail/road:

Kozhikode Central Railway Station : From  you need to either take a bus or hire a taxi to the center. For the bus, you need to take an auto to the Kerala State Road Transport Corporation (KSRTC) at Kozhikode. Prepaid autos are available outside the railway station. It cost approximately 30 rupees to get there. From the bus station, you can either get a direct bus to Pulpally or a bus to Sultan Bathery from where you can get a connecting bus to Pulpally. After you get down at Pulpally bus station, you need to hire an autorickshaw to Vanamoolika Samrakshana Sangham.

Bangalore – It is a 4 hour bus ride from Bangalore central bus station to Sultan Bathery. You can get buses, taxis or Auto rickshaws (tuk-tuk) to Pulpally from Sultan Bathery.


Admission and Treatment Process:

If you are coming from far, ideally it is advisable to have an e-consultation on skype in advance. For the details of e-consultation please click here

After this both of us will have a better idea about the treatments required, costs and duration of stay.

After your arrival at Purnarogya, you will have a detailed consultation with the doctor. Your treatments, diet and schedule for the next one week will be charted. Our doctors will spend time with you daily during rounds to answer your questions satisfactorily. Yoga sessions will be provided when recommended. At the time of discharge, medicines for three months will be given and follow up is possible over e mail, skype or phone.

Please bring your medical reports with you in soft copy or hard copy.

Any medical investigations required apart from the in house Ayurvedic treatments will be done from outside and charged separately.

After the treatment, you will be required to carry medicines for about 3 months back home with you. Please plan in such a way as to have enough space and weight for the same.


We have two types of facilities available.

  1. Cottage  – $55 USD / day (food and treatment charges extra)
  2. Shared rooms

Conditions treated:

Of course we do treat all conditions that can be helped with Ayurveda, Allopathy and Acupuncture. We do have a special focus on the following:

  1. Oncology – We have a special program for post chemotherapy and post radiotherapy patients to recover faster from the depleting effects of the treatment and also prevent any relapse
  2. Paralysis – specially effective methods using a combination of Ayurveda and Acupuncture (different modalities of acupuncture like scalp, hand, body and electro-acupuncture)
  3. Eye disorders – specially effective treatment in conditions like …
  4. ENT and diseases related to the head
  5. Marma therapy – employed in conjunction with other therapies
  6. Skin diseases
  7. Polycystic ovarian syndrome, Endometriosis, Infertility
  8. Spine and joint disorders
  9. Rejuvenation using rasayana therapy (a specialty of Ayurveda)
  10. Gastrointestinal disorders
  11. Asthma and other respiratory disorders
  12. Autoimmune diseases

Treatments available:

Full range of panchakarma treatments

Other auxiliary treatments

  1. Abhyangam – Massage
  2. Shirodhara – with oil, buttermilk, milk, juice
  3. Pizhichil – continuous pouring of warm oil all over the body
  4. Sastikasali pinda sveda (Njavara kizhi) – application of rice paste with herbal milk on body
  5. ela kizhi – leaf bolus massage
  6. podi kizhi – powder bolus massage
  7. Udvartanam – powder massage
  8. Netra kshalanam – Eye douche
  9. Anjanam – Medicated collyrium application
  10. Netra vasti – Nourishing treatment for eye using ghee
  11. Karna vasti – Nourishing treatment for ears using ghee
  12. Karna puranam – treating the auditory canal with medicated oils
  13. Wound care (Vrana cikitsa) – especially non healing wounds
  14. Herbal paste application (lepanam)
  15. Dhupana – herbal smoke therapy