We offer packages for those who do not require specific treatments for disease conditions. The packages are only meant for general rejuvenation and are not expected to make any difference in a specific disease condition.

Treatments for specific disease conditions:

We do not have packages for those who need treatments since it is not possible to predict in advance all the treatments that will be required and how the treatments will change over the course. You will be charged individually for each treatment so that you only pay for what you received rather than a package. Treatment charges on an average amounts to 2000 – 3000 ₹ ($30 – 45 USD) per day.


Individual Cottage (with attached treatment room) – $55 USD per day

*(food, treatments, laundry, internet and extra amenities are not included)


$20 USD per day (three meals) per person for the diet that is prescribed by the doctor or fixed menu available at the center. You can request extra food articles which can be provided at an additional cost.


Wifi internet facility is available at the cottage. Wifi will be turned off from 9pm to 7am.