At Purnarogya, we provide a lacto-vegetarian diet that is suitable to your body constitution and which also suits to counter your disease process.

It is not permitted to bring meat, fish or eggs into the campus. No outside food is allowed to be brought into the campus. Patients are not permitted to go outside and eat anything. This will adversely affect their healing. Those accompanying the patient may choose to eat meat (non vegetarian food) in the hotels nearby but should not bring it to the campus. Alcohol is strictly prohibited in side the campus. If you are found to break these rules, you can be asked to leave the center. So please take special care about it.

In the ancient Ayurvedic texts, there are specific diet patterns prescribed to be given in various disease conditions. The diet is designed to be simple, easy to digest and assist in your healing process while your treatments are going on. They may not always be pleasing to the palate. Please bear with us in your best interest.

For those who are lactose intolerant, gluten intolerant and vegan, we have special diets as well. Please let us know well in advance (before your arrival) regarding any such special requirements.

Most of the vegetables we use are grown organically, not using any pesticides. We have our own organic vegetable garden for most of our vegetables. We also have a consortium of farmers who organically grow vegetables for us.

Your diet at the healing center will be  as prescribed by the doctor. So please be mentally prepared for some adjustments. After the initial consultation, the doctor will chart your diet and send it to the kitchen. You will be given a customized diet that helps your healing process. (Ultimately that is what you are here for isn’t it?) Please follow it diligently and avoid eating anything outside the prescribed diet without consulting your doctor.

Please DO NOT ask for spontaneous changes in menu. We are very sorry that due to limited staff it is difficult to adjust to sudden requests for changes, additions or deletions in menu. Kindly bear with us. If the menu is causing tremendous inconvenience to you, please speak to the doctor. Do not ask the cook or stewards for changes in menu.

Different treatment protocols require different dietary requirements. If you are going through treatments, your diet will be light, simple and easy to digest in order to accommodate the treatment requirements. It is mostly consist of hot water, ginger water, rice soup without vegetables, rice with vegetables and so on. You are not allowed to eat fruits and other food stuffs during your cleansing period.

Your food will be supplied in special hotpots to your rooms. You can serve yourself and leave the plates and vessel outside. The food will stay hot for couple of hours in case you decide to eat a little later.

DO NOT eat the food that is supplied to the attendant who is with you. This can lead to problems during treatment. (eg. A lady drank the milk that was given to her mother at night and came down with allergic rashes all over her body) Your body is very fragile during the treatment period. Take care of everything you eat or do. Ask the doctors if you have any doubts.

Please use only warm water for all purposes (drinking, toilet, bathing etc) during the cleansing period. If the warm water is not supplied to your room in a flask, please ask for it. Do not use cold water.

Do not expose yourself to sun, wind, rain, sexual intercourse, sleeping during the day, over eating,

You shall be charged extra for the diet articles that you request outside the menu. We shall try our best within available resources to supply you with your requirements. Thank you for understanding.