Documentation for foreign patients


If the duration of your stay at our place is 10 days or less, you can come on a tourist visa.

If the duration of your stay at our place for treatment is more than 10 days, you should apply for a medical visa. The government of Kerala does not allow those on tourist visa to stay for more than 10 days in one location unless specific reasons related to tourism is given. It is better to come on a medical visa. Purnarogya can help you with necessary documents for the same as required by the embassy in your country.

After your arrival you have to be registered with FRO (Foreign Registration Office) as clients of Purnarogya. You should not go outside the campus without informing the concerned person at Purnarogya. We recommend that you do not go outside for any reason after sunset.

Keep your passport with you at all times when you go outside the campus.