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Sujok - the most effective drugless therapy

"Simplicity of treatment is the best part of Su Jok,” - Prof. Park Jae Woo

 Sujok therapy is based on the fact that our body is represented in miniature form, on our hands & Feet. It is like using a remote control to influence our whole body and cure disease. Due to this fact any problem in the body can be influenced using the Sujok correspondence treatment. The acupuncture meridians on the body are also reflected in the hands and feet, with which we do metaphysical energy manipulation therapies.  Six Ki, (six energies) if understood properly can explain the cause of disease and ways to cure it.


Sujok was invented by Prof. Park Jae Woo an eminent Korean philosopher and scientist. It a part of ONNURI MEDICINE, a system of treatment comprising of a variety of techniques to prevent and cure illness without drugs. The theoretical basis of this healing system is the discovery of self regulating Homo Energy System of Human Body whereby each Hand and foot and other locations of Human body carries information of each parts (organ) of human body. The Hands and Feet are structurally the most similar body parts to the Human Body. These corresponding micro points/areas can therefore be used most conveniently and effectively as remote controls to treat any diseased organ/part in the human body.


 Su Jok Acupuncture is a multi-dimensional healing system. The first dimension is a physical healing system of giving stimulation to the specific corresponding points in hands and feet. It is possible as hand and feet are miniature correspondence treatment systems of the human body in structural shapes among entire corresponding systems. The second dimension treatment is adapted from classical acupuncture in combination with the new theories of Su Jok Acupuncture on the points represented on hands and feet. Apart from the above two, various other dimensions have been developed.


 Su Jok Acupuncture is a complete system of healing. A doctor who combines western scientific medicine/oriental medicines with Su Jok Acupuncture can therefore select the most appropriate treatment in any particular case. He will be able to treat a wide variety of illnesses of any part/system of body, including psychological conditions in best possible way. 


 Sujok acupuncture is useful in head disorders (headaches, epilepsy etc.), nervous system and psychiatric disorders, eye disorders, ear, nose and throat disorders, cardio vascular system’s disorders, lung disorders, digestion disorders (nausea, constipation, diarrhea etc.), gentio-urinary system and gynaecological disorders, sex-organs disorders, obesity etc. Su Jok Acupuncture is also very useful in management of cancer and other malignant disorders, particularly the pains of all kinds of cancer.


 Anger, Fear, Worries are normally accepted as integral and unavoidable part of normal life until they are severe enough to disrupt our lives causing intolerable anxiety, depression, hypertension and other strains.

World over, in last decade many doctors have shifted their healing practice to the ‘holistic healing’ system knowing that it is the only real remedy for ever increasing sufferings of mankind. 

Su Jok gives virtually instant relief. Where spinal chord and other chronic problems are concerned, it certainly gives relief. If both basic Su Jok and the advanced version i.e. acupressure and acupuncture are combined miracles take place. The remarkable feature of Su Jok is its simplicity. The corresponding nerve points as per Su Jok and the actual affected area are matched on each and every occasion and you can start applying the pressure to treat. The word SU in Korean means the hand and JOK means the feet. Thus the name itself speaks all about the therapy.  


 The principle behind Su Jok is that there is a continuous flow of energy in all of us. This energy flows in a very systematic and uniformed manner. “Su Jok’s aim is to balance the imbalanced energy in the body….the tissues, the cells and the organs.” Advanced Su Jok uses needles to balance the energy and it is called Six Ki treatment which harmonises energy on the physical, emotional and even the Chakra plane. Su Jok therapy is two dimensional - the physical dimension and the other on the metaphysical dimension.  


  • Highly effective and preventive method of healing
  • Simple and affordable
  • No side effects.
  • Useful on both the physical and emotional level

In fact, I can assure that Su Jok therapy is accurate and effective in both acute and chronic health problems.