Guests coming for medical treatments, who need a visa should always apply for a medical visa. Tourist visa will allow you to stay in a place for only 10 days at a time.

If you are interested in traveling around to see the interesting places here, we strongly advise you to schedule in such a way  as to finish going around before starting your treatment. You will be quite exhausted and required to stay indoors while your treatment is going on. See visit tab for knowing more about places.

It is not permitted to bring meat, fish or eggs into the campus. Patients are not permitted to go outside and eat foods that are prohibited. This will adversely affect their healing. Those accompanying the patient may choose to eat meat in the hotels nearby but should not bring it to the campus. Alcohol is strictly prohibited in side the campus. If you are found to break these rules, you can be asked to leave the center. So please take special care about it.

CHILDREN BELOW THE AGE OF 14 ARE NOT ALLOWED TO ACCOMPANY A PATIENT UNLESS THEY ARE PATIENTS THEMSELVES. Children who are patients will need to follow the diet prescribed by the doctor.

Consultation: First consultation for the patient will be charged 2500 Rupees. Subsequent consultations for the patient during their stay will not be charged. Any consultations requested for family members will be charged 2500 Rs per consultation. Treatments received by them will be charged separately.

Remember to use only warm water for drinking, bathing, washing hands, toilet etc. during your stay.

If you are planning for any shopping, it has to be done on the first few days or you may schedule extra days at the end for the same.

Being surrounded by forests, it is expected to see some insects from time to time in spite of our best efforts for pest control. If you see anything that worries you, we are immediately at hand to help.

Treatment cannot be carried out during menstrual periods. So our female guests are advised to take care to adjust the dates of visit in such a way as to avoid being here during those days if you are tight on schedule. This is so that you do not lose days of treatment while you are here. If you have enough time to sit back and relax, it is alright. If your menstrual period begins while you are here, treatments will be stopped and you will need to rest till the end of the period before resuming treatments.

Remember to bring some books to read, songs to hear, games to play and videos to watch since you will have lots of time in between the treatments during the day. You will not be able to travel. You may even have to stay inside the room during certain treatments.

We are surrounded by forests and the ambiance is great. It is not uncommon to encounter varieties of birds, mountain squirrels, geckos and various types of insects from time to time. But you can be sure that they are not poisonous, they are harmless. Feel free to call us if you need any help with that. We have made all efforts to make your room as insulated as possible from all insects or reptiles.

Please bring two or three pairs of clothes which are ready to be stained with medicated oils and so on. During the treatment, the clothes you wear may also take up the smell of the oils. So we suggest you keep separate clothes for that duration. Or else you can also purchase the same after coming here. This is so that your precious clothes do not get stained or smell of the oils.

Please leave enough space and about 6 to 7 kilogram weight to carry your post treatment medicines back home with you.

You could feel very weak during the treatment but this is expected. You can also expect to have emotional outbreaks and emotional release reactions like laughing or crying uncontrollably. There can be food cravings but try to stick to the schedule and diet. Some of the medicines and treatments are very challenging to the body and mind – no pain no gain. It is not mandatory that everyone should have such a reaction. But it helps to be aware. It is not our intention to put you through torture but only to keep you informed.

Try not to stick to the internet for more than 30 minutes a day. It can have a negative impact on the treatment. Go to sleep early by about 9.30 pm.

There are temples, churches and mosques in a radius of about 2 kilometers. Prayers can be heard at times as early as 5 in the morning. The volume is very mild. But if you are a very sensitive person, who likes total silence, it will be a good idea to carry some ear plugs for sleeping at night (or the early mornings rather!).

Please know that we do not have showers in the rooms and you will be expected to bathe by pouring water over your body from a bucket using a mug (tumbler). This could also be medicated water which is intended to enhance your healing process.

If you are a nature enthusiast, you can make your own shampoo from the Hibiscus flowers growing all over the land. It is the most wonderful experience to put it in your hair … and the feel later.

Wifi is not available from 9pm to 7am.  Try to restrict internet and computer work to minimum. Excess use of these has a deteriorating effect on the natural treatments. Thanks.