How are diseases named in Ayurveda

Gulma – why the name gulma – samhati paripindita rūpatvāt … gulma sabda – dictionary meaning of gulma is a type of bushy and densely growing plant – it means when the consistency of the dosas becomes dense – where do you find those dense dosas – in which disease – samhati rupa is thickening – paripindita is hardening – eg of such a disease is tumor, atherosclerosis, PCOD (can be gulma or śopha), – there are 2 types of gulma – it can be gulma svabhāva (thickening)or vyāsa (without mass and only functional variation)

another disease called śūla – is śūla the same as pain? – pain is the main lakshana of gulma and śūla – a disease is named in the following ways : dharmatovā sāmyatva arthatova tat samīpatva … why is a disease named in a certain way – dosas following the dharma of condensing in gulma is an eg of dharmatah – arthatah means something like śūla – if there is no condensation but the lakshana is present in gulma sthana, it is śūla – pārśva śūla can be pleurisy

hrt śūla is kapha māruta  samruddhatvāt rasa mūrcchitah – rasa is causing the murcchana of kapha and vata – uchchvasa avarodhah – ie there is dyspnea on exertion – hence angina is not found in hrd roga but in śūla – eg for samīpataḥ is udara coz the disease has a tendency to express in the abdominal region – udara is not ascites – upasnehavat annasāro… – it can be ama, vidagdha or vishtambha – lipid metabolism is included in this

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